Tremendous admonition & reminder of the benefits of the upcoming Ramadhan. Abu ‘Uwais (rahimahullah), a well known Muslim-American speaker, delivers a powerful message & drives home the essence of the Blessed Month. We need a Ramadhaan – now more than ever perhaps… Transcript of The Khutbah Ramadhaan is a month Read more about WE NEED A RAMADHAAN![…]

Ramadan Facts & Questions – Ramadhan Bento Page

Ramadan represents a time where the benefits are so vast, collecting all the bounty Allah has for you this Blessed Month takes a little ‘know-how’. Here is a list, from various AUTHENTIC SOURCES I have collected over the years. Ramadan facts & questions. This represents a VAST amount of information – enjoy & and please ask Allah to forgive the one who posted this (me).