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Masjid Bilal ibn Rabah’

Our ‘HOME’ Masjid is Masjid Bilal in Sunny Maricopa, Arizona.

We Have Salaatul Jumu’a Every Friday, Men’s Qur’an Class Every Thursday (women’s also, soon), Sunday School For All Ages And Other General Activities.

Please Visit Soon. Also, Inquire About Opportunities To MOVE to Our Community HERE.

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Local Prayers Times (Maricopa, AZ)

'Iqamah: 6:00 am

Fajr Prayer

‘Iqamah: 6:00 am
'Iqamah: 1pm

Zhuh'r Prayer

‘Iqamah: 1pm
'Iqamah: 4:30pm

'Asr Prayer

‘Iqamah: 4:30pm
'Iqamah: 10 minutes after sunset

Maghrib Prayer

‘Iqamah: 10 minutes after sunset
'Iqamah: 7:15pm

'Isha Prayer

‘Iqamah: 7:15pm

Prayer Times Elsewhere Around The US