Ramadan Facts & Questions – Ramadhan Bento Page

Ramadhan represents a time where the benefits are so vast, collecting all the bounty Allah has for you this Blessed Month takes a little ‘know-how’. Here is a list, from various AUTHENTIC SOURCES I have collected over the years. This represents a VAST amount of information – enjoy & and please ask Allah to forgive the one who posted this (me). Ramadan Facts & Questions.

Ramadhan & Fasting – Ramadan Facts & Questions

Sha’ban – The month before Ramadhan

Ramadhan & Fasting Audio Series

Significance & Virtues of Ramadhan 


Preparing for Ramadhan

Points of Reflection – Ramadan Facts & Questions

Moon Sighting

Beginning of Ramadhan

Ramadhan –Ramadan Facts & Questions

Fasting – Ordinances ,Wisdom & Benefits

Fasting – Etiquette & Rulings

Intention for Fasting

Suhur (Pre-Dawn Meal for Fasting)

While Fasting –Ramadan Facts & Questions

Ending or Breaking the Fast (Iftar)

Ramadhan & Travel

Others –Ramadan Facts & Questions

Ramadhan & Children

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Hadith –Ramadan Facts & Questions

Umrah in Ramadhan

Women and Ramadhan


Qur’an Recitation

Taraweeh –Ramadan Facts & Questions


Du’a of Qunūt

Last Ten Nights

Laylatul Qadr –Ramadan Facts & Questions


Sadaqa & Zakat-ul-Fitr

End of Ramadhan


After Ramadhan

Making Up Missed Fasts after Ramadhan

Voluntary Fasting

Shawwal – The month after Ramadhan

Other Voluntary Fasting

Urdu Audio 


Does it break the Fast ?

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