April 21, 2019

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Hero delivery driver risks his life save a neighboring businessman

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A delivery driver has been hailed a hero after he stormed in a burning building and saved a businessman who had been brutally stabbed.Ibrahim Elakkaoui ran into Italian restaurant Essenza in Surry Hills at about 11am on Thursday where he found the 39-year-old Angelo Ziotas screaming for help. ‘Someone was upstairs screaming,


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Tremendous admonition & reminder of the benefits of the upcoming Ramadhan. Abu ‘Uwais (rahimahullah), a well known Muslim-American speaker, delivers a powerful message & drives home the essence of the Blessed Month. We need a Ramadhaan – now more than ever perhaps… Transcript of The Khutbah Ramadhaan is a month


The People Who reject Ahadith

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The People Who Reject Ahadith Alhamdulillah that it is well known, these DEVIANTS, astray & taking others astray, are easy to identifiy by their attacking comments on social media. They are EASY to refute & they have been refuted profoundly throughout the Muslim world. By Nerd of Islam There are

Patriotic Muslim?

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Islam & American Patriotism? Despite the prevailing stereotypes of Muslim Americans, Islam has contributed a great deal to the U.S. In fact, Muslims have played an integral part in defending the homeland and fighting for the American government’s geopolitical interests. By Nerd of Islam The so-called “Islamic extremism” spreading across

Parody – Leaked footage?

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Leaked footage from WikiLeaks perhaps? https://youtu.be/uwByn7utvdE