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Common Mistakes Made in Salah

Knowing & Identifying mistakes is a very concrete formula for fine tuning understanding in any area. These are beneficial statements comprising clarification of the mistakes of those who pray, which they commit by way of innovating newly invented statements and actions and doing some of the pillars and Sunan acts in other than their proper places or in other than their correct manner. I urge my brother & sister worshippers to avoid them.

Fiqh Al 'Ibaadat (Understanding Worship)

Fiqh’ul ‘Ibadaat (Understanding Worship) by Shaykh Muhammad ibnul ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullah) is a tremendous work outlining, then detailing how we all should Understand Worship of Allah (sSubhanahu wa Ta’aala). Everything that constitutes worship – and everything that negates worship.

Essay on Usool Al Fiqh

The Essay on Usool Al Fiqh, is the most understandable & easy to learn from work on Fiqh I know of. We used this particular Risala, translated by my Shaykh, Dr Saleh’ As Saleh’ and via it, I fell in love with Usool Al Fiqh. Imaam Sa’adee is often referred to as “The Teacher of the Scholars” due to the ‘Ulema who claim his tutelage. This is, by far, THE place to start in regards to Fiqh.

Various Fiqh Resources From One Of Our Partners

We present various Fiqh resources from a long beloved partner (not directly) site – AbdurRahman.Org. This website has long been an inspiration for us and an amazing resource for authentic Islamic information. Enjoy…