31 Clever Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing (Almost)

We all have our reasons to earn extra income or look for ways to make money.

It might be to clear off debt, fund your travel, do some shopping, pool up money for holidays, build an emergency fund, etc.

We all have our needs, and we want to find ways to earn money for them.

No matter what your reason is, today you are going to learn how to make extra money online doing almost nothing.

By almost nothing I mean, doing things that you usually do. You don’t have to ‘work’ to earn extra money, instead just do things that you do everyday.

Yes, that’s right, you can earn extra cash by doing things which you do every day. It might be just sitting and watching TV or speaking English or simply playing games. So, these are in fact pretty clever and easy ways to make money from home while you do things you normally do.

Explore these smart ways to earn extra cash to supplement your income and put in some extra dollars in your pocket.


Easy and creative ways to make money doing nothing,

Have Your Say

We all have our opinions on different things. What if you could just give your opinion and earn extra cash while watching TV?

You can! Just express your views about brands and products and get paid from websites like PanelPlace, and the best part is you get FREE $5 just to sign up. This is one of my all-time favorites and it always comes in handy for my extra cash needs. Surely, one of the fast ways to make money.

Little tip – Choose the high paying surveys to earn the most in no time.

Panel Place is one of the most legitimate and trusted ‘GPT’ sites and it’s well worth your time. Doesn’t hurt to say what you think right?! They also have gigs and jobs online.

Browse the Web

I do this a lot, and everyone does as well. On an average, we spend 60% of our time looking for something or just browsing the web. Then why not get paid for it? It’s simple. Just use Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel or Smart Panel.

You get nice extra cash as long as you keep them. This might your answer for how to make money fast, while you do something you already do.

Watch Videos & Get Free Money Fast

This one is my favorite. It does not require you to do anything, you just on the couch and watch. Watching TV or videos is the single most popular thing everyone does. Whether you are watching something on your phone or TV, you can quickly earn extra income just for doing that.

Just use InboxDollars to watch videos, and you will be making cash or gift cards in no time. You will get $5 free when you sign up. Ready to binge watch?

Rent Your Car

If you work from home or don’t use your car much, that’s a brilliant way to earn money on the side. Just give your car for rent with companies like Turo and GetAround. You will be earning complete passive income just by renting your car to others.

Use Your Phone

I know using a phone is one thing we do every day and this is probably one the easiest ways to make money online. Earn extra bucks just to unlock your phone with apps like Slidejoy, and Perkscreen. These money making apps let you earn points whenever you unlock your phone, and you can turn them into cash.

Walk Dogs

What do you do after coming home from work? Obviously, walk your dog and give it some fresh air, play with it. Well, this could give you some extra cash. You can walk the furry pets and make some extra income from Rover. Could be one of the fun ways to make money with your pet friends!


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Take Pictures

How many times did you notice people taking photos and feeling good of their images? Dozens of times, I am sure. Well, this could be your way to make money online.

You can use your photos to earn some extra bucks from apps like Foap, Iconzoomer or even with bigger websites like Depositphotos or Fotolia.

Play Games

Again this is something everyone enjoys doing, and I am sure you do too. You can earn some extra cash by playing games on websites like CashCrate,  and InboxDollars.

If you do love this and want to make it your hustle, then check PlaytestCloud where you get to play/test new games and get paid for it. Pretty easy way to make money from home!

House Sit for Others

Well, this is officially doing nothing, right? You have to take care of someone’s house and get paid for it. This is one of the easiest ways to make money while simply doing nothing.

House sitting is done in a couple of ways like getting paid or for free stays. Just register yourself on websites like TrustedHousesitters.com, Housecarers, MindMyHouse and Nomador and enjoy staying at new place and the pay.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Planning to throw away the junk lying around in the house? Turn it into extra cash especially if it’s electronics. Decluttr lets you earn good side cash to sell your CDs, iPads, Phones and more. This is a great way to get rid of the junk and earn extra cash, technically doing nothing.

Make Money with Your Travel Bookings

Do you love traveling? I am sure you must be making your holiday plans for the summer. If you are, there is a way you can earn with your holiday bookings. Just download the Dosh app and book your travel through it and earn extra cash from it. One of the cool apps that pay you to do something you like!

Earn Money Automatically with Your Purchases

I love it when you can earn money while you do the things that you normally do like, shopping. You can make money just using cashback apps like Rakuten or Ibotta. For a limited time, you can even earn $10 by signing up for Rakuten.

Talk English & Earn Money from Home

Who would have thought that you can just speak conversational English and make money at home? With VIPKID, you can. The best think about this is, it does not feel like work at all. You can have any formal or informal experience and also a bachelors degree to teach at VIPKID. The best part? You earn $14-$22 per hour

Walk into Stores

Picking up stuff from the shopping mall or going for a quick grocery run? Use ShopKick earn gift cards or even products by just entering the store or scanning the products. Pretty simple, isn’t it?! You can just turn on the app and do your usual shopping while you earn your rewards.

Rent Your Empty Space

Got a spare room? Use it to earn a good income from Airbnb. This is the most popular way to earn money with the extra space you have at your home. Just sign up for Airbnb and list your place. I have seen some unique places listed on Airbnb for some whooping prices. Give it a try!

Become a Roadie

What’s a Roadie? Well, if you are on your way to someplace, then you have a way to earn money on the way. It’s possible through Roadie. It’s an app that lets you deliver stuff on your way. This is a very unique concept as you do not have to go especially for the delivery, you just deliver stuff on your way.

Do Window Shopping

There are seriously so many things you can do while shopping. This is an excellent way to become a mystery shopper. What does a mystery shopper do? You carry out shopping gigs for companies, checking the service, asking questions, etc. In return, you get paid in cash or get free food or products.

Doesn’t seem like a doing anything right?! Join companies like BestMark, Perception Strategies, etc. to become a mystery shopper.

Sell Your Old Books

If you are a bookworm, then you must have so many books lying around, that you don’t even read. Want to earn money by selling these? Use BookScouter to do this. It’s quite a simple process where you scan your books and find out the price and sell them if you are interested.

Read Emails

Can’t believe that you can earn extra bucks just by reading emails? You can do it with websites like FusionCash, InboxDollars and CashCrate.

You can earn some quick money by just signing up for InboxDollars and FusionCash and get $5 free as a sign up bonus. Easy way to make money from home!

Plan Travel

Do your friends turn to you for planning their vacations? Then you have a great way to earn money doing almost nothing. Planning travel for others is an excellent way to earn money on the side. If you love this, then this could be your future side hustle. Just a fun way to make money!

Go Around Your City

I love my city. Many of us love the cities we stay in and pretty much know every part of it. Use this knowledge to make money by being a tour guide. This could be as simple as visiting your favorite places in the city you live. That’s doing nothing much right?!

Shop with Amazon

Everyone shops online and 90% of them shop on Amazon. But did you know that you can make money online just by sharing your shopping activities on Amazon?

With ShopTracker, you can earn total passive income when you connect your Amazon account and shop online. You get $3 when you sign up and $3 every month to keep the app. That’s $36 per year doing nothing!

Listen to Music

If you ever wondered ‘how to to make money from home?’ The answer is just listen to music. It’s that simple.

I love listening to music. It is indeed a unique way to earn where you just listen to music. With Slice the Pie, you have to listen to the music and categorize it. Though this is not consistent work, it is a great extra income option. Sign up here.

Spot a Job

If you have your phone and see any ‘Help Wanted’ signs, then you are set to make extra money just by taking photos. Download the Job Spotter app and earn points whenever you take photos of ‘Hiring’ signs of small businesses. Get the app here

Answer Questions

If you are proud of being an expert in knowing stuff, then head over to JustAnswer or Experts123 to answer questions and make money online. Some of the questions might need some expertise, but many of them are related to general things.

Just Stay Fit

I am sure you do your daily dose of exercise every day. I surely do. But what if I tell you, you can earn money for doing your exercise every day even if it’s just walking? HealthyWage lets you earn some extra cash while you make an effort to stay fit. Sign up and get fit.

Tell Your Friends

This is the most simple way to earn money. Just refer your friends to the brands and products that you love and get paid for referrals. Almost all the big brands have referral bonuses and it is the most passive way to earn some extra cash not to mention, one of the quick ways to make money. Just don’t spam them with unrelated offers. 

Use Social Media

Love posting updates on social media? Use it to your advantage by signing up for Izea and collaborate with brands. The only requirement you need to have is a good following and engagement. I am sure you will love this because being on social media is all play.

Clean Your Wardrobe

Have piles of old clothes in your wardrobe? Sell them for some extra money on Poshmark or thredUP. You decide your prices, and it’s fairly easy.

There you go, these are all the ways you can earn extra money doing almost nothing. These are all extra income ways, and they can surely give you a good side fund. So, before you wonder about how to make money doing nothing, read this post and get all the inspiring ideas.

Interested in exploring more ways to make money through side hustles?

nerd of fortune

Don’t Loose Out, Sign Up


If you have a car in good condition and love driving, then you might have another way to make extra income. It is an excellent way to earn money if you have some extra time.


I am surprised at how profitable this side business is. Actually, it can be a primary income earner for you. Melissa earned over $40,000 last year flipping thrift store items part-time. And she doubled it this year, making over $130,000. Cool, right?!! This can be a super fun and flexible side hustle and can make more than $20/hour. Take this FREE workshop and find out everything about flipping.

Virtual Assistant

This is the most in-demand work-at-home job, and it can be very flexible. Virtual Assistant positions have been on the rise, and it is the perfect time for you to get into this money-making online job. You can make anywhere from $35-50 an hour as a beginner in a Virtual Assistant role.

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