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San Bernardino Shooting: Legislator Says Guns Were Purchased By Police


The mystery over the San Bernardino shootings allegedly involving a young Muslim couple deepens as, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina claims ATF believe the guns used in the shooting were purchased by the police.


Many  perplexing questions surround the San Bernardino shooting that has whipped up a wave of terror throughout the country. Although San Bernardino police chief announced within hours of the shooting that they are comfortable that the shooters have been killed, it seems there are unsolved mysteries associated with the horrific incident. One such issue is concerned with the legal purchase of the guns that police ‘allegedly recovered from the shooters.’

Initially, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms  and Explosives (ATF), spokeswoman Meredith Davis reported that two of the four guns recovered in connection with the San Bernardino shooting were legally purchased. The two legally purchased guns were bought by an individual associated with the investigation said Davis. However, she declined to name the purchaser.


The next day, December 03, Carly Fiorina, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate talking to MSNBC’s morning Joe show bombed a shell revealing  that “ATF believes someone purchased these guns on behalf of the police department.

The video of the interview is still available and Fiorina’s distinct remarks can be caught at exactly 5:10 in a 5-minute-35-seconds duration video. This is noticeable that after this interview none of the reporter from this channel or any other channel representing mainstream media talked about these remarks.

Video available at


When this piece was being finalized on December 10, Los Angeles Times reported the a friend of Farouk purchased the guns on his behalf. The paper claimed citing unknown officials that Enrique Marquez, who purchased the Guns, had deep ties with Syed Rizwan Farouk. LA times also claim again citing the unknown federal authorities and officials that he was a convert to Islam. The story does not conform to journalistic standards because of numerous anonymous sources.

Quite interestingly, Marquez is not charged by the police.  The police says he embraced Islam five or six years back. However, he did not change his name as usually all converts do. Nobody has seen him in the mosque.

Police are tight-lipped on the fact that why they have not charged a man who helped a terrorist by either purchasing guns or transferring them illegally. Why would anyone purchase a gun on other’s behalf?

All news reports are citing police and FBI  accounts with a pre-supposition that they are sacred and are above suspicion.  In a country where police kill 3 unarmed civilians daily without any trial and investigation, are we obliged to believe the police exactly as they say? This also seems another case of extra-judicial killing.

A much amplified and out of proportion media hype is making Americans believe that this was an ISIS instigated terror act seems to support Donald Trump’s xenophobic election Campaign.

Without enough investigations, media attention is focused on the issue that how the ‘suspected couple’, Tafsheen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farouk was radicalized demonizing the whole North American Muslim community to the extent that they are feeling defenseless.

The mainstream news media is swarmed up with the so-called geopolitical and terrorism experts terrorizing the US public as usual with their Islamophobic remarks. However, independent media outlets are pointing towards the various  inconsistencies  and discrepancies in San Bernardino story.nerdlogo-neon-green




Original story by TAZEEN HASAN | Caravan Daily